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The Future of Quantity Surveying

21st February, 2020

In the past 50 years the profession has progressed at a rate that would have been unimaginable in 1970. Secretaries furiously tapping the keys of typewriters, the blotter in the corner slowly printing one A0 drawing every hour, QS’s armed with scale rulers measuring off large A0 drawings on a single desk taking up the […]

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Bills of Quantities – are they dying out of construction?

10th February, 2020

Since the early 19th Century a Bill of Quantities has been a staple of almost every medium-large construction project since. It provides clients, contractors and sub-contractors with a list of materials required to carry out the construction project. It is measured using a standard universal method of measurement, commonly SMM7, NRM2 or CESMM in the UK. […]

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Feasibility Studies – A must for Property Investment

24th January, 2020

A feasibility study is an early stage assessment into the viability of a project to meet the end needs of the developer. In the case of a property developer, the end needs of a development are profitability if selling the developed units or the rental yield produced by the units. In many cases, an address […]

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What will Brexit mean for the Construction industry?

15th January, 2020

As the UK prepares to Brexit on 31st January 2020, there is a substantial question mark over the impact of this on the UK construction industry. When pondering this question it is important to clearly distinguish between the public and private sectors and the differing impact Brexit will have on each of these. The amount […]

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Why you need to involve construction professionals on your project

20th November, 2019

A member the general public when faced with paying fees to a construction consultant for their new house or investment plans tend to view this as an expense they can avoid on a project. Many opt for getting some very basic planning drawings done by an architect and enter negotiations with a local building contractor […]

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